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Register for a free membership. In the registration form please fill-up relevant information (please note: some field are mandatory as marked by *). Bartaman Pvt. Ltd. Do not seek any information from its web users that are private and of any consequential value physical, emotional, legal or proprietary. The information this website need is only for providing a secure user interface for entering their Advertisements with the website. You are requested to read, understand and then agree to conditions that pop up when you are registering with this website. Then Submit and complete the registration. On successful registration an activation mail will be send to registered email id. Click here to register.

2. Activation
Activate your account by clicking activation link, which was sent to your registered email account after registration. On successful activation, you can use your login details to login to the system and access the exclusive member pages including form to create your own advertisement.

3. Login
You can login to your account using correct email id and password to access member area. This is a secure site and subscribers are requested to check for https://classified.bartamanpatrika.com at the address bar before or after they log in.

4. Advertisements
If you want to create an advertisement for classified section of Bartaman daily then you need go to “AD-Form” from the menu selection after your log in. Only registered users can avail this section. All Prices are in INR. But if you create advertisement from any part of world you select the paying option in any currency which is provided by our banker (CCAvenue.com) equivalent INR Value. The payment will be collected by CC Avenue on behalf of Bartaman Pvt. Ltd. You will however get the bill from Bartaman Pvt. Ltd. after a successful prosting of your Advertisement. If your Advertisement not get selected for printing by the classified division of Bartaman pvt. ltd., then a regrate email will go to your and within next 30 working days from the date of receipt of your regrate email, you will get back your payment for the advertisement, that you have created, in the same account from where you have initiated the payment.

5. How to create the Advertisement
When the “AD-Form” page open you shall be able to select Ad type, Category, Sub-category, desirted Date of Publications etc. Depending upon Category an option for supported documents or picture upload option will appear. You need to create picture, supportive documents in a single .jpg file format and upload that. For Advertisement content, you can type in any where in UNICODE Bengali/English and copy & paste (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) in the “Advertiesment Content” box, or your can use our online editor. For using online editor, please follow the instructions and help option. After creating the advertisement please follow the button steps as appears there.

6. Minimum system requirement for creating the advertisements:-
This website is best viewed in PC (or equivalent Personal Computers), running Microsoft OS Windows 7 onwards and either one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer version 11 or above, Mozilla Firefox version 61.0.1 or above, Opera version 11 or above, Google Chrome version 77.0.3865.120 or above, Safari version 6.0.0 or above.

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